By KANE | Magnetic Magazine

Have you ever been to a club in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, or New York? What about festivals like EDC or Coachella? If so, have you ever taken a moment to stop and really look at the stages, screens, lasers, and lighting? These are things that we enjoy but often take for granted, as they are to enhance the performance of the artists playing on stage and overall experience. But what exactly goes into designing these? How does a stage as massive as Circuit Grounds at EDC Las Vegas go from idea to finished product? If you've ever wondered, our guest today is the man behind it all.

Meet Steve Lieberman, founder of SJ Lighting. He and his company have become one of, if not the top stage and lighting designers for the country's biggest clubs and festivals, and his resume is nothing short of mind-boggling. In fact, he's responsible for most of the top clubs in LA and Las Vegas. In this chat, we discuss his founding of SJ Lighting, how he got involved in such projects like Insomniac festivals and Coachella, and what it takes to create a lasting impression with your work.