Hip Hop is Back in San Diego With F6ix

F6ix brings upscale hip hop to the Gaslamp.

By Tanya Huang | San Diego

F6ix brings upscale hip hop to the Gaslamp. Courtesy Photo.

If you thought hip hop was dying, you thought wrong. With dirty house beats invading almost every nightclub in the Gaslamp, RMD Group–the same company that brought hotspots Fluxx and Sidebar, as well as Ciro's Pizzeria–is providing a breath of fresh air to San Diego's club scene.

Get ready to drop it down low Friday, June 24, at the grand opening of F6ix, RMD Group's latest contribution to nightlife. The opening night will be hosted by San Diego's own Crystal Harris, a famed Playboy bunny and, as of late, Hugh Hefner's former fiancée.

Located near the corner of F Street and Sixth Avenue, F6ix has taken over the underground space formerly occupied by Sin Nightclub. Upon entering, guests descend a stairway to the 6,000 square-foot, brightly illuminated underground vault, designed by OCIO Design Group. The 350-capacity venue's unique metallic and wood textures are highlighted by vibrant hues of red, pink and orange.

The lighting is prepared by SJ Lighting Inc., the company also responsible for Fluxx's famous displays. The shiny dance floor centers on a captivating stage and DJ booth, where local DJs will be dropping heavy beats of Top 40 hip hop.

Luxurious bi-level bottle service tables sit along the walls of the lively club, allowing VIP guests prime access to the dance floor as well as the 50-foot bar, and an excellent view of all the action.

Guests are also welcome to enjoy a nice dinner at F6ix's restaurant before letting loose in the club. The restaurant is open Thursday through Saturday from 7 to 9 p.m. and offers a variety of menu options, featuring entrees from $20-$30.

Come dressed to impress, and get your swagger on.